The MUKA presents a new generation retractable and durable tool lanyard. It has been designed to help make tradesmen or women become more effective, allowing them to save time, providing better performance in any task where they need to use a hand tool or power tool, as well as providing better safety, it can be used in joinery, electric work, working at heights whilst up a ladder or any challenge which is presented where a power or hand tool needs to be close by, but still safe.



The MUKA retractable tool lanyard is a very compact and lightweight device with a 1.2m flexible coated steel lanyard cable.


Features – The Muka Pro has been designed to give tradesmen/tradeswomen the possibility to reconfigured Muka Pro into 3 different positions and mount on a tool belt, webbing harness, tool pouch or tool bucket. 

How to use MUKA lanyard:

Simply attach the MUKA lanyard to the waist belt or safety harness. Attach hand tool or power tool to the lanyards swivel hook. Hold power tool and start to lift up to do the “action” after you have done, lower the tool and let go, it will stay safely hung near your hip. MUKA keeps the tool very close to the tradesman’s hip and it keeps the tool safe with wire rope, if you were to lose grip of your power tool it would fall, but the lanyard would hold it, thus making sure no one gets injured from a falling device, as the power or hand tool is easily reachable, a tradesman will achieve an increase of 30 % within his daily work routine.

MUKA – is suitable for a:

-Suspended ceilling Installers
-Air Conditioning Installers
-Tree Surgeons
-Plus basic DIY and household users
-and many more

Real-life situation VIDEO

The MUKA will allow any tradesman/woman or anyone who does DIY to achieve 30% more efficiency in their daily work routines due to the fact that their power/hand tools are within easy reach, whilst providing better health and safety within the workplace.


At the moment we have launched two of our innovative tool lanyards from a bigger range. Our company is looking for potential sales partners/ distributors worldwide. We would be really interested in talking with potentials partners, especially with those who are already selling safety gear or agents/distributors experience in this field, or power tool sellers, power tool manufacturers.